BFI 2016

Well, for french BFG players it should not be a surprise as now, but I’d like to drop a few lines on the coming BFI tournament of this year. BFI was an initiative of some parisian players to finally try to hold a regular event arround BFG. It holds in june in Paris at a shop named the Waaagh Tavern (awesome people there in the staff, don’t hesitate to drop by if you are in Paris and innocently want to link with the hobby). Last year was the first edition, and a rather classic tournament in the mechanics, but with a lot of good spirit from the players and the staff. Nicely painted tables were available, which is always best. It’s also a full painted tournament, because grim dark gothic space miniatures always look better when painted. Unfortunately, the event last year was a bit altered for me, as my son was quite ill both before and during the tournament, so I had to frequently do round trips during the event, which wasn’t the best. And as I was a bit overwhelmed, I even didn’t manage to paint my fleet :(.

This year, I was able to be more invested in the preparation of the event, and the main change is that it’s more a large scale narrative campaign (4 turns – 20 players) than a competition. It’s already hard to play on a regular basis BFG, at least the BFI aims to make people play together instead of against each other. Basically, the background story revolves arround the Tyranid invasion of a sector, but we try to find some hooks to change a bit from a too classical story. This year again, I’ll play a Bakka fleet. The 2010 list is OK (a few things aren’t to my liking, but enough of it so I can build a list). And of course I didn’t resist to make some custom models to fit with my vision of Bakka (and the conversion I have already done). More on this in a few days.

I can’t tell you much right now, as we prepare some suprises, but I wanted to show that BFG is still alive (and yes “this was a triumph”) in France. I’ll give you some feedback and pictures of my fleet in the two months to come, and of the event in june :).

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