Again, let’s relaunch the blog :).

This time a centralization of a project which began with the last Tau codex at 40000. When the Kor’vattra was released for Battlefleet Gothic, I reacted like almost everyone : “Woh, it’s ugly”. With time, I began to appreciate the retro design of the ships, as it fits the low tech in space for the Tau. But (there is always a but) the miniatures were crude and the fact that they were made of metal didn’t help for the details and assembly gaps. So, in parallel of my return to the Tau in 28 mm, I began working on HD models for the Kor’vattra. No major changes in the designs, I just tried to densify the details.

First work on the Merchant (also to be able to have heavy transports for the Kor’vattra hence the need for a Cargo Module to be designed). The prototype from Shapeways has arrived and has been primed (badly as I’m unable to make a smooth undercoat).


For the cargo module, I tried to be coherent with a small freighter I made some time ago (which looks so dull and undetailled now). Some changes too on the gun module, allowing placement of turrets to show the fire arcs (front + side). The launch decks are made, I’ll show them with the Hero.

Containers for the cargo version

Containers for the cargo version

Railguns and Ion canons. On such small pieces, Shapeways FUD and FXD are great, and most of all, they don’t need supports, allowing more freedom with the designs. Too bad the material is a pain to work with. The concepts:

Railgun Ion_Cannon

Work done on the Orca and the Defender (some details left to be done at this stage). Design picture at this time.

Orca Concept. Some detailling to be done on the prow

Orca Concept. Some detailling to be done on the prow

Defender concept

And to go with, some fighters and bombers.





And this time I won’t let the blog down one year aND A HALF ! Gosh …

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