Dogfight time !

So much for a regular update on the blog … This whole year saw the eking out a living (is this english ?) of several projects, but mainly a lot of change in my personnal life (work, home, familly …).

First line of work, some little ordnance minis to replace the regular ordnance tokens. I tried to have several designs, because a bit of variety is always welcomed. First of all, a set of fighters/bombers inspired by WW2 airplane (which make them suitable to figure marauders or thunderbolts).

Le grand cirque - revival

Le grand cirque – revival

With this kind of volume it’s a lot cheaper to print them directly en masse than casting them in resin, so I have a horde of them ^^.

Second tier with a bomber derived from Wing Commander and the french Mirage IV fighter :


More classical but I think it suits the bulky and ragged look we all love.

Third try with an inspiration from Battlespace that I found lovely :

Banshee Fighters

Banshee Fighters

Nicknamed “Dragonfly” by several people in place of the “Banshee” original name, but well … I’m quite proud of my work (yes, more self-praise) for a 8 mm piece. Just the basecoat ATM, thay’ll reinforce my Voss fleet.

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