Bakka Bakka

On this lame japanish pun, I’m quite proud to announce that I finally finished my model for my Firedaggers, for the Bakka battlefleet. This fleet comes from an alternative imperial fleet, in the venerable BFG Magazine #2, and represents the home fleet of Segmentum Tempestus. The list was updated in 2012 by the BFG Compendium team. I’m not a big fan on some modifications they made, but some are interesting. There is some people that question the choice of Bakka for this expansion, but personnally I like its fluff and the orientation is interesting. The compendium version make the list more playable, but some new ships like the Havoc aren’t to my taste. On the contrary, the Mercury really fits the concepts of this fleet, very gun-oriented.

So, first work on this : The Firedagger. Bakka is a fleet belonging the Big Gun Lobby in the admiralty. Thus, they use very few attack crafts. This dates back to the 36th millenium, when the Gaerox Prerogative tried to focus the new doctrine of Bakka on carriers. Lamely, some ships (like the Despoiler) all defected to Chaos, or were too ammunition consuming (like the Viper destroyer). The Firedagger is a frigate hull equiped with Fleet Defense Turrets, capable of defending nearby ships from ordnance attacks. These turrets are also available to some of the Mechanicus cruisers.

To sum it up, I’m working to make myself a small Bakka fleet, for the moment based on the old BFG Magazine list. After a long time of testing and thinking (mainly concerning the wings), I achieved this :

Firedagger - Side View

Firedagger – Side View

The Flak turrets are separate, allowing some posing and re-using on Mechanicus ships.

The second work for Bakka is my Daemon Slayer. This ship comes from the BFG Mag #2 too. It’s a unique ship (basically a Tyrant), armed with a prow psychic canon. This is an abomination which disrupts the hive mind control for tyranids, banishes demon ships and cripples a regular ship for a while … As it’s a unique ship, I tried to make it stnd out, while staying in the general design of an imperial cruiser, since Bakka is a rather rigid fleet on the conception of ships.

These are the firsts layer of paint, to settle the official paint scheme of Bakka.

The small conversions on this are :
– A long antenna from the Space Marine Battlebarge to represent the Psychic Canon
– A test for the figurehead : an etched brass eagle from Forge World
– A bridge from a Mechanicus Cruiser in place of the antennas, to represent the esoteric face of the psychic canon (containing a psyker choir or similar), and reinforcing the relic side of the Daemon Slayer.
– A custom made engine (made for my Cypra Mundi fleet, before I found a better piece for it. More in a post to come).
– The wings were lengthened with the fins of the Repulsive bridge.
– The fins on the engines come from the Falchion
– Weapons batteries from the Space Marine Battlebarge, as they look more gothic than the standard batteries)

Well, this is only the beginning :).

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